Water, Water Everywhere

But not a clean drop to drink… Well, many of us are fully aware that clean, fresh drinking water is one of earth’s most precious resources, and that over a billion people across the globe lack access to this simple, life sustaining liquid. But do our children? That’s a question the folks at Project Wet (Water Education for Teachers) are working to answer by educating kids across the US and even internationally about it, and what they can do to help preserve its supply.

They’re focus is simple; by providing award winning classroom publications, courses seminars and workshops for teachers, they can help transform the view which many kids share that water simply comes out of the tap when they turn the spigot. The centerpiece of the Project WET program is the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide, a 561-page collection of multidisciplinary water-related activities for ages 5 through 18 that are hands-on, easy to use, and fun too! They back that massive resource up with even more educational materials and programs like Native Waters, Discover a Watershed, and their Kids in Discovery Series of classroom resources.While I’m betting that kids in western states where water is in short supply come pre-equipped with a higher sensitivity to its global scarcity than those on Long Island with access to a greater supply thanks to geographic fate and the hard work of groups like the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, that doesn’t mean that kids everywhere shouldn’t have an awareness and appreciation of how sustainable water management is crucial to providing tomorrow’s children with social and economic stability in a healthy environment. So here’s to Project Wet, for taking the lead in educating kids about water around the world…