Help a Massive Public Art Project Paint NYC's Water Tanks

One amazing thing about New York City that people outside the area may not realize is how good the tap water is. But beyond the city's borders, not everyone has access to clean water, and New Yorkers who waste water aren't helping. To draw attention to the global water crisis and encourage people to limit how much water they use, an arts group is painting hundreds of water tanks around the city this summer. And you can help, by shopping at Whole Foods.

On March 1, 5% of all sales at every Whole Foods in New York City will be donated to Word Above the Street, the non-profit behind the Water Tank Project. For 12 weeks this spring and summer, tanks throughout the five boroughs will be decorated with work by professional artists and public school students, printed on weatherproof material.

So if you're in NYC tomorrow, make sure to swing by Whole Foods. And if you're around this summer, make sure you look up, and think about your water use and an issue that's affecting millions.

Help a Massive Public Art Project Paint NYC's Water Tanks
Shop at Whole Foods on March 1st to help fund a summer art project drawing attention to issues of water conservancy.

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