Watching Grass Grow: A Bamboo Television


When the bamboo clad computer monitor arrived on the scene (in the wake of the bamboo iPod case, mouse and keyboard) we had the temerity to ask, "what next?". In short order that question has been answered. A telly! The 19" LCD TV is due to arrive 'in-store' in about a months time, too late alas for the Soccer World Cup finals. But it will be time to be RoHS compliant, as will all new electronics destined for European sale (see Justin's recent post on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive). The bamboo television also has UHF tuner input, built-in speakers, ports for external ones, displays up to 16.7 million colours, offer 5 modes of power saving and weighs 4kg (~9 lbs). It is expected to retail for about £350 ($640 USD). ::Play Engine, via Gadget Candy.