Watch New Green TV and Make Some of Your Own


There's a lot of discussion on how to get into the act not just for Earth Day but for the long environmental haul. Lloyd makes a compelling argument that each step counts and that the majority of the folks "want to listen to people who tell them how to live a better and happier life" such as our own Simran Sethi on Oprah yesterday. So what are you going to do to get your voice heard? Well, you might start by plugging in the bamboo tv (having unplugged it to avoid wasting energy feeding the vampires) and then tuning the channel to the Fine Living Network tonight to get ideas from their hour-long special "It's Easy Being Green" -- a show I worked on with Summer Rayne Oakes who is the show's eco-fashion consultant. Also, actor Owen Wilson, Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, and singer Alanis Morissette are among the other eco-friendly revealing how they live green, from their cars to their clothes. Watch a clip here and get show times here. Once you're throughly inspired, we encourage you to get behind the camera yourself and share your own big idea with the world. You still have until April 30th to upload your digital film our sponsor Sundance Channel's Big Idea contest.


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