Watch This Fan-Made 'Captain Planet' Movie Trailer

If you spent at least part of your formative years in the early-1990s, chances are that one of your earliest introductions to the environmental movement came with Captain Planet and the Planeteers -- but I bet you've never seen those eco-minded heroes quite like this.

Tagline: "After 10 Years of being apart, the Planeteers must reunite once again"

A group of Captain Planet fans recently put together this mock-trailer that re-imagines that cartoon as a Michael Bay-esque Hollywood blockbuster. And while it's hard not to detect a slight smell of cheese throughout, by splicing in real-life news reports of oil spills, air pollution, and scenes of climate change, it seems that such a revamping of the 20-year-old television show would actually be quite relevant in light of the environmental challenges we face today.

I, for one, would love to see this film made into a reality. And perhaps it will be -- with our powers combined.

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