Waste of Packaging: Individually Wrapped Prunes

Can you think of a good reason why prunes should be individually wrapped? Yeah, neither could we. This "new and improved" packaging is just one of many excessively overpackaged items you can find in just about any aisle of your local supermarket. By simply doing away with the individual wrapping, this box would obviously use much less packaging. But why stop there? For extra TreeHugger points they could even invest in biodegradable packaging, including some plastics we have previously written about. This month, we are looking to you to help us point out some of the worst offenders in our "Waste of Packaging" Contest. To enter, just find something (such as these individually packaged prunes) that you think is excessively packaged. Email us a picture and description of what your entry is along with a short blurb on how you would make it a bit more TreeHugger-friendly to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com. Get it to us by February 20th for your shot at winning a $250 gift certificate to online retailer re:modern!