"Waste of Packaging" Finalist: Empty nano Box

Whats worse than getting something in an overpackaged box? Getting nothing in an overpackaged box! That is exactly what Ryan Roy found at his local big box store when he was browsing the electronics section. From the entry, "This is an EMPTY blister pack for a nano, complete with paper insert instructing you to bring the empty package to the register for your nano, AND, if that were not enough, note the master carton (waste) and pallet for shipping. And if that's STILL not enough, you will get the manufactures packaging as well when you do decide to purchase this item, making everything [here] a total waste!!!" For those of us who can't live without our iPod, Ryan has a few suggestions for the retailers, "Sell the item in its original packaging [or] create a single backing card for redemption at the register." However, his personal preference? "My suggestion is to buy only what you need and pay no attention to advertising, make your own music, go see live music, think about wat[sic] you buy and how it affects the world!" Thanks Ryan! Picture after the jump...