"Waste of Packaging" Contest: Time to Vote

banner_remodern.gifIt is time to vote for the winner of our "Waste of Packaging" Contest. We had a lot, and I mean a lot, of great entries this time around, and we would like to thank everyone who entered for doing so. We would also like to our friends at re:modern for offering up a great prize for the winner - a $250 gift certificate to their online store. Without further ado, the finalists for our "Waste of Packaging" Contest are:

- Ryan De Baker's Mamba Candies
- Kathleen Robinson's Individually Wrapped Peanut Butter
- Ryan Roy's Empty iPod Nano Box
- Jared Benedict's "Little Stinkers" Pickup Bags
- Noam Ross' Plastic Egg Cartons
- Dave Chui's Bliss Lotion Box

Please take a second and vote for your favorite entry:


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