Waste of Energy Dept: Laser Park Right

laser shines on your car photo

I was not unhappy when the Sharper Image went bankrupt earlier this year; the store seemed entirely devoted to selling superfluous junk that was all connected to wall outlets. Its demise might have saved us a coal fired power plant or two, except Amazon has stepped in to take its place. Exhibit A:

Most people know how to park their car without putting it through the back of the garage; those who do not have lots of low tech options, including tennis balls on strings hanging from the ceiling or a rubber bumper on the floor. But why go low tech when you can have fricking lasers connected to a motion detector that lights up and shines on your vehicle when it is time to put your foot on the big wide pedal? Another example of how we use electricity for such silly things.
::Amazon via ::Red Ferret
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