Warped Eco Tour Needs Some Green Love

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Yesterday we reported on the work Reverb is doing to green concerts across the US. Today we report on the Warped Eco Initiative, now in its fourth year, and up for a huge grant ($10,000) for its work to green concerts across 46 cities in just 8 weeks as part of the Vans Warped Extreme Sports and Music Tour. Their work has brought solar and environmental action to mainstream and young audiences (up to 24,000 people a day). Now it's time to show them some love for all of their hard work.If you've ever been to a Warped Tour, or if you're just in the habit of supporting groups going green, take a moment to check out Ideablob and vote for Warped Eco Initiative: Change is a Sound. You'll need to have an active Ideablob account, but if you don't, then you can easily register and create one. Hurry, because time is running out and voting ends November 30th.

Not sure what the Warped Eco Tour has done to earn your vote? Well try this on for size:

Biodiesel fuel was used in all tour production buses and trucks (103,920 gallons of B20 pumped on site) saving 333,028 pounds of CO2.

40,000 pounds of recyclables were collected. Over 1,200 batteries and hundreds of cell phones were collected - keeping them out of landfills and your groundwater. In total, recycling accounted for a CO2 reduction of 400,000 pounds. Also they used compostable dinnerware for all food containers.

Partnered with Phillipe Cousteau's Earth Echo International to Host a cleanup bringing together over 150 bands and crewmembers to cleanup and restore the beach area around Monterey. Over 300 trees were planted and anti-littering signage was placed throughout the area.

They went solar. Using solar panels for their Kevin Says Stage they produced 662 kWh of solar power and created solar canopies for the non-profit booths, which produced over 200 kWh of solar power. This saved over 380 gallons of diesel from being used and resulted in a savings of over 8,630 pounds of CO2.

In total, they saved over 742,218 pounds of CO2 by recycling, using solar and bio-diesel without the help of carbon offsets.

Ideablob gives companies and projects the chance to succeed just by giving them help up just by proving they have a do-able project. Anyone can vote on projects, or offer advice to candidates to help strengthen their projects. Ideablob is run by Advanta, a group that offers credit cards and loans to small businesses and communities.

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