Warming Warning: Hell and High Water

Tyler Hamilton reviewed and interviewed Joseph Romm, assistant energy secretary in the Clinton admin, about his new book Hell and High Water. "those who Romm calls the "Denyers and Delayers" are winning the political battle in the United States, the world's highest emitter of greenhouse gases and a saboteur of Kyoto talks. Whereas the first third of Romm's book presents overwhelming and disturbing evidence that human-caused greenhouse gases are the primary ingredients behind global warming, the pages that follow offer alarming detail on how the U.S. public is being misled by a federal government (backed by conservative political forces) that is intent on inaction, and that's also on a mission to derail international efforts to curb emissions." ...."The Bush administration, he argues, has engaged in a well-funded strategy of rhetoric over reason, through which the selective seeding of doubt – with help from propaganda experts like pollster Frank Luntz – has been successful in watering down the seriousness of climate change in the public's mind." So everybody read Tyler Hamilton in ::The Star; rush out and watch :;Thank you for Smoking to learn about how PR really works; and read ::Hell and High Water. Our own review coming soon.

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