Want to Be a Green Youth Ambassador in L.A.?


Well the deadline for applications is just around the corner on June 30th, but the Green Youth Ambassador Coalition taking root in that city seems destined to do great things. Essentially, it's an environmental education program that seeks to bring student delegates from high schools across L.A. together and empower them to become agents of change in their own communities. With the coalition acting as a hub for idea-sharing and networking, delegates can then bring new ideas and contacts back to their own schools while still being able to reconnect and join forces in support of larger projects. Right now they're looking for potential delegates who are already active, committed students in the Los Angeles area, and who feel they have what it takes to make a full year commitment to the program. Just some of the great projects they'll get to be a part of include organizing a 3 day "Be Cool, Be Green" summer conference for youth in L.A., International Peace Day in September, and their Solutions for a Healthy Planet Conference next May. They'll also be asked to get involved doing environmental outreach to other elementary, middle, and high schools, while leading a project of their own choosing at their home school as well. This all looks to me like a great opportunity for a student who is passionate about the environment, with the ambition, drive, and room in their schedule to make it all happen. If that's you, then go for it!

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