Want an Incredible Free Trip to the Arctic?

Then how about getting yourself and some friends together and engaging in a couple of hardcore, late-night, caffeine-induced brainstorming sessions to come up with something so environmentally innovative that the judges of a contest called Ice Edge going on in the UK feel compelled to give you the grand prize. It’s a competition that’s designed to get young people across the UK thinking about the environment and to help them to develop a wide array of practical skills that will enable them to be successful in life.

Young people are invited to create teams of up to four people and come up with a simple yet practical brainstorm that could help combat climate change and solve some of earth’s most pressing environmental concerns. The prize is that once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Arctic, where they’ll carry out experiments with leading scientists, explore Arctic wildlife, go dog-sledding, and probably freeze their butts off on a trip they’ll never forget! If you’re between 13-17 years old, can put together a team of no more than 4 people on real short notice, then come up with a brilliant idea and submit it as a booklet, CD-ROM, PowerPoint demo, website, video, scale model, or even prototype you may just have a chance to win. But you’ve got to work fast because the deadline is March 16th 2007, and that’s just days away! This chance is too great to pass up, so go for it!!!!