Wanderlust Festival Co-Founder Jeff Krasno Speaks About the Festival's Green Initiatives

Wanderlust Festival co-founder Jeff Krasno says that this new yoga/music festival is working to be one of the greenest festivals around. Practicing what they preach, this Tahoe based festival branded its own water bottles made from compostable plastic and filled them with locally sourced water as well as urging patrons to drink from their branded canteen bottles. And that's a good thing because it's hot. Listen to Krasno as he explains the green ins and outs of the festival. This year's inaugural Wanderlust Festival has attracted yogis and music lovers from around the country in a festival branded as eco-friendly. In an interview with festival co-founder Jeff Krasno he explains why it lived up to expectations and how they plan to take it even a step further next year.

Festival organizers have also taken great pains to reduce waste through composting and recycling. Festival employees are all wearing t-shirts made from recycled plastic water bottles as well. Next year, festival organizers plan to take it a step further by having a whole farmers' market in the middle of the festival grounds in an effort to attract locally sourced producers. That's a good thing because it's something that is sort of lacking. I only ran across three local food vendors and a wide spectrum of organic providers. However, according to Krasno this week all of the restaurants on the festival grounds are sourcing their food locally if they didn't already do so.

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