Wam-Bamboo Nappies from Geobel


You might think that what with your bamboo floor, bamboo furniture, bamboo bowls, bamboo clothes, bamboo television, bamboo snowboard and even bamboo charcoal (and so much more!), that your world might not have much more space for anymore of this amazingly versatile plant – but yes there is always something else we can use bamboo for. Today it’s bamboo for baby! The nursery product company Geobel have developed a reusable bamboo nappy. We’ve presented various arguments on TreeHugger about whether disposable/biodegradable or reusable nappies are more eco-friendly, but those who come down on the side of reusables will love this bamboo nappy. Cathy Bolton of Geobel lists the advantages of using bamboo fibre to make nappies over the page: a.. Environmentally friendly and highly bio-degradeable,
b.. Hardly any impact on the environment,
c.. Contrary to cotton, it can thrive without the use of pesticides,
d.. Compared to fibres originating from wood or any other petrochemical fibres, bamboo has a short growth cycle and is easily cultivated,
e.. Antibacterial by nature and has been tested by the Japanese Textile Federation,
f.. Surpasses cotton in moisture absorption. Its criss cross texture creates microscopic openings to guarantee truly exceptional moisture absorbtion,
g.. Tests show that Bamboo absorbs 60% more moisture than cotton,
h.. Slim, silky soft fabric.

Wam-Bamboo Nappies are available to buy from The Natural Store. Via: Pecha Kucha ::Geoble