Walk (and Poll) Against Warming


"The Australian Government doesn't care about climate change. We know you do. The Government will only take real action on climate change and protect our kids' futures if you to tell them to. Join thousands of other Australians in a peaceful walk urging action on climate change now." So says the intro to Walk Against Warming, a nation-wide event occurring Saturday 4 November 06. And they maybe right when they suggest that the Australian populace want action, not rhetoric, on global warming. A recent online News Poll released this week supports such a view. The Australian newspaper reported: "According to the poll of 1200 people, 80 per cent of voters backed imposing levies on industries that generate greenhouse gases. An overwhelming majority - 91 per cent - also backed a shift in Australia's energy system from coal to renewable energy ..." . And the poll also indicated that 75% of Aussies want the Government to sign up to Kyoto. Maybe a bunch of concerned citizens parading around the streets of the country will further nudge the Government in the appropriate direction. Very faint signs of possible movement are already starting to emerge. Find your local walk info here > ::Walk Against Warming.