Wacky Uses

Weren’t you just busting to know what else you could do with club soda, tea bags, dental floss, vodka, tennis balls and petroleum jelly! Wait no more. Joey will give you a vast list of reasonably sounding, alternative applications for these and a huge number of other household items. That’s Joey Green, over at the ‘Wacky Uses’ site. He offers advice on how to use items for multiple purposes. TH is very fond of getting more than one use out of something, like a shopping trolley/luggage kart that becomes a skateboard. We were delighted then, to note the seemingly endless uses to which dear old baking soda can applied. Likewise that other low toxic stalwart, Borax gets a good write-up too. Why he needs to reference brand names escapes us but the information remains useful nevertheless. And if you’re looking for further light relief, he has linked to other wacky sites like The DuctTape Guys. An irreverent homage to that most useful of products, which has given myriad goods a longer life than their manufacturers ever intended. ::Wacky Uses [by WM]

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