Vote the Environment - Nov 7.


"People may be afraid of the term "activist" because they associate it with extremism but I'm talking about normal citizens who want the government to live up to its obligation to protect our air, water, and all other natural resources. These activists are forcing politicians and corporations to take steps in the right direction. Activists have an infectious passion about the issues they support, whether they are mothers fighting to clean up nearby toxic landfills or farmers losing their fourth-generation family business to urban sprawl. These are the people on the frontlines, trying to either make the government obey its own laws or to recognize the need for a new law." Such are the words of Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and co-founder of 1% For The Planet, Inc. He is discussing the campaign known as Vote the Environment, pertinent to the USA come November 7th. More of Yvon's thoughts here and the campaign here >::Vote the Environment.