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It's time to pick the next target of a little Carrotmobbing. San Francisco is the city. The location: up to you. Carrotmob is the organization and the idea that you can use conspicuous consumption and the masses to bring about environmental changes in local businesses. Their first mob scene took place at a convenience store in the Mission District. The store chosen agrees to give a percentage of sales from the event to upgrading the store with green improvements. Then shoppers all agree to meet at the same spot on the same date at the same time and let their money go to work.

This time the target is a cafe, but just which one remains to be seen. Anyone can go online and check out the shops, read their proposals (pleas) for why they deserve to be hit and vote for the most deserving cafe. There are just 3 proposals - Cafe Madeleine; The Epicenter Cafe and Sausalito Cafe. The first time around fellow TH writer Collin questioned whether the mob accomplished what it proposed and whether the second go around will improve upon this. This time around it seems that the choices are already green, or aware of how to make their business green, so many of the commenters are questioning whether this is really improving business. If you live in San Francisco, let us know how it works out. Oh and voting ends July 24, so get hopping.

Bummed that you can't take part in the action? Don't worry, there are Carrotmob chapters springing up all over the US and around the world. It's easy to join in or start your own. :Carrotmob
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