Vote for Architecture for Humanity and Lulan at Amex Members Project

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Christine wrote earlier
about American Express' competition where cardholders and anyone else can vote to choose worthy projects, where the winner gets $ 1.5 million to "make the world a better place". Now TreeHugger hero Cameron Sinclair is asking for a little love for an Architecture for Humanity submission. Soon- time is running out.

It is "a locally driven social venture that creates an alliance of textile designers and gifted artisans in Southeast Asia to produce luxurious hand-woven fabrics. By providing economic opportunity, we help preserve hand-weaving in Asia while creating environmentally sustainable fabrics"- which are sold through Lulan, covered on Treehugger at ICFF here.

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It can have a big impact: "We currently support over 650 weavers,spinners,dyers and finishers using a holistic approach to produce eco-fabrics in Thailand,Cambodia,Laos and India. Our goal is to increase the number of artisans to over 6,000,thus expanding our reach to more weaving families and communities. We will work with international and local architects to build inventive, replicable off-the-grid weaving centers. Each building design will be shared through Creative Commons licensing so more communities can benefit."

Read more about the project (and nominate it, you don't have to be an Amex cardholder) at ::Membersproject

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