Viva Italia! Artists for Football


Viva Italia! The World Cup is over, after 30 days of television, but the Design Museum has organised one last hurrah in its honour. It asked 28 international artists to take a Fairtrade football and re-create it according to their fancy. "Football Fever", an outdoor exhibition, displays the works of art for pedestrians walking along the Thames. It's a witty, whimsical and wacky show. One ball has boot spikes all over it for better grip. Another glows in the dark for night games. One is painted blue and white, like a Chinese plate—the artist worked with craftsmen in a bone china factory in Jingdezhen, a centre of Ming ceramics. Another is covered with dollar signs and euro signs, as the German artists watched the price of a beer soar from 6.5 euros to 10 during the matches. Some East-African artists covered the ball with a kikoy, an African cotton men's garment, "to bring a little colour" into the game. The green grassy ball was created by an "avid football anti-fan and non-watcher". The colour will make the game more difficult and "t.v. coverage impossible to follow". :: Design Museum