Vittoria Revolution KXS - The Inside-Out Tyre

Maybe it was our post on bicycle tyre rubbers that led tipster Jim C to point us towards the Vittoria Revolution KXS. A bicycle road tyre (115-150psi) that’s designed to be used inside out! It has a special tread pattern on both sides. One being a slick for speed and dry weather and the other for traction and grip on wet roads. Now there is nothing obviously green in the materials used, such as polycotton and kevlar, but getting double function from the one product we do score highly and it is suggested that you should also have double the puncture resistance and increased tyre life. This is supposedly because you have two treads to wear through, though we understand the tread is a tad thinner on each side, compared to normal patterns, to retain a good ride. A review at Pedal Pusher did rate the ride highly but needed more convincing on the durability and puncture proofing aspects. Available widely at stores like Competitive Cyclist and others for about $70 USD (And whether they work exactly as advertised is almost beside the point, because we just love to see the cogs of the design process turning in new directions and coming up with innovations that force an industry to think again. Viva la Revolution.) ::Vittoria