Visiting Construct Canada 2007


It's Construct Canada time, when every architect and contractor in town descends into the sixth level of hell, Dr. Evil's former lair now converted into the Toronto Convention Centre South, to take in all the new serious nuts and bolts of construction. Everything that is "green" gets a balloon, and they are usually flying over concrete, insulated concrete forms, external insulating systems, anything with two inches of expanded polystyrene is considered green.

There were some old friends that we have covered before like Ecotraction, which Collin covered here; Marc tells me it is now Starbuck's official anti-slip compound for all of Canada, and that the product will soon be available in the States.


I still think that Techno Metal Posts' helical piles are the greatest foundation idea in years; they advise that they have been expanding rapidly. They also have developed a very interesting system that combines their piles, which are already a tube deep into the ground, with geothermal heating and cooling systems, which just happen to need tubes deep into the ground. We look forward to more information on that.

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