Viral Rap Video: "The Bixi Anthem" from Da Gryptions

In the last few months we've seen some great environmentally themed rap songs, notably John Forté's "Oil on the Shore" and 350's "A Rap for Copenhagen." Now Montreal-based Da Gryptions have laid down a track to celebrate bike sharing: "The Bixi Anthem."

Check out the video:

Video Credit: Da Gryptions via YouTubeIt was just over a year ago that Montreal unveiled Bixi, its bike share program. Since then, Bixi has grown in not only size (from 3,000 bikes last summer to 5,000 today) but in popularity- proven by the new song from Apso Bibi (aka Circumflexxx), Dark Science and Future Shark.

Sporting old-school Expos jerseys and referring to Bixis as "chrome chariots," Da Gryptions have given the Montreal bike share a very cool anthem! And seeing as "Bixi Anthem" is to date their only song, we can only hope they'll take on some more green topics- maybe composting?

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