Spanish village returns dog poop to owners who didn't pick it up

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While any bit of improperly disposed of waste can mar a pristine pedestrian pathway, nothing taints the sole quite like a pile uncollected dog poop. With that in mind, one small village in Spain has found a novel new way of calling out dog-owners for not picking up after their pets -- and it's getting some amazing results.

The local council of Brunete recently initiated a program they hoped would make their village sidewalks cleaner. Twenty volunteers were instructed to keep a lookout for people not cleaning their dog's messes. Afterwards, they would then strike-up a conversation with the offender, casually asking them their pet's breed and name. With that information, the pet-owner's home address could be uncovered in the local registry.

Then comes the justice.

Later on, the volunteers are dispatched to hand-deliver the dog's foul smelling deposit back to the owner, saying they are returning 'lost property'.

According to ThinkSpain, the program has so far been a resounding success. Brunete's uncollected dog poop problem has been reduced 70 percent!

“We're not sure whether that's because they're more afraid of getting their dogs' excrement delivered back to them than of being fined,” said one council spokesperson. “In general, the campaign has been well-accepted, although a lot of people have called for designated areas to be set up where dogs can do their 'bits and bobs' – like everything, there are opinions for all tastes.”

Most people would agree that public spaces should be free of other people's waste, especially poop, but keeping things clean requires that everyone do their part. And perhaps there is no better way to remind someone of their civic duty than a hand-delivered pile of their dog's doody.

Spanish village returns dog poop to owners who didn't pick it up
Home delivery of their dog's 'lost property' is encouraging villagers to keep sidewalks poop-free.

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