VIDEO S&WFF;: Seeds, Hope, and Concrete

We've talked about the benefits of urban agriculture and how it reduces fossil fuels expended in the shipping of food and is a boon to creating community. TreeHuggerTV brought you Edible Estates and an Urban Homestead. The film Seeds, Hope, and Concrete (US, 2006, Documentary, 14min by Will Hommeyer) shows how the uncommon scenario of growing arugula, squash, and snap peas on concrete is cropping all over the US due to the efforts of Heifer International. Communities are learning sustainable agricultural solutions, even where concrete is the norm. With the debate raging about whether or not to continue air-freighting organic food, going local is the way to grow.You've still got until September 29th to enter your film in the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and check for the tour in your area.