VIDEO S&WFF;: Ride of the Mergansers = TH Cute Overload

Hooded mergansers are fish-eating ducks found only in North America. You gotta see this vid of these just-hatched fuzzy-wuzzy ducklings take their perilous leap to the water below to begin life in the wild. The point-of-view camera angles here are off the hook.
Sometimes here at TreeHugger we feel we just can't compete with Cute Overload (Lloyd is the exception). Okay, Collin too. And Jasmin does try. Christine covering Knut in Berlin must have been inspired by her city-colleague Mari's post on an orphaned eight-week-old African cheetah cub. So it seems we've already loaded up a bit on cute, but really, this video should push us if not over, then at least to the brink of overload.Ride of the Mergansers (US, 2006, Documentary, 11min) is a film by Steve Furman. You've still got until September 29th to enter your film in the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and check for the tour in your area.