VIDEO S&WFF;: Dream People of the Amazon

In the early 1990s the Amazonian Achuar tribe of southeastern Ecuador learned about the outside world’s desire for the oil under their territory. The elders of the tribe had been having similar, telling dreams and the interpretation was stunning: if the Achuar people were to defend themselves and the land from oil operations, they would need to seek alliances in the very world that was about to destroy them. The above clip from Dream People of the Amazon (US/Ecuador, 2005, Documentary, 32min by Larry Lansburgh) will give you a pretty good idea about the film and the issues. We've told you why the rainforest is important to provide oxygen for sustaining much of life on the planet, covered the issue of oil in these regions via Leonora's exclusive interview with Daryl Hannah here, and brought you some hope from organizations and children leading the charge to make a difference. More at

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