VIDEO S&WFF;: Bilby Brothers: The Men Who Killed the Easter Bunny


Al Gore isn't the only one encouraging Australia to become environmentally engaged as Lloyd recently reported. Two larger than life characters, zoologist Peter McRae and park ranger and former 'roo shooter Frank Manthe, joined forces more than a decade ago in an attempt to save the Bilby a small, endangered Australian marsupial from extinction. The film Bilby Brothers: The Men Who Killed the Easter Bunny (Australia, 2002, Documentary, 48min by Larry Zetlin & Jim Stevens) tells the story of the massive marketing campaign, fundraising and army of volunteers employed to accomplish the impossible. Warren told in detail about this little critter and how marketing them as the "Easter Bilby" brings awareness and donations. Also, he brought us the good news that they're back from the verge of extinction with a link to an in-depth news video. As I said on TreeHugger radio, films such as The 11th Hour slyly harness the awareness of climate change as a way of moving the environmental dialog beyond that particular global calamity to address others. One leading issue with which most TreeHuggers are familiar is the devastating loss of biodiversity which we face. The inspirational video clip from the film after after the jump is proof that folks are warming to the notion of treating our animal friends like one of our own.

You've still got until September 29th to enter your film in the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and check for the tour in your area.

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