Video Smackdown: vs. Nuclear Energy Institute


A few weeks back, we mentioned that Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Graham Nash and others (including Ben Harper and Keb' Mo') had put together a video to support, urging visitors to sign an anti-nuclear development petition with a rewritten version of the classic protest song "For What It's Worth". The musicians plan to deliver the petition to Capitol Hill later today.

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has responded with a video of its own, praising nuclear power as a safe, clean source of power that'll help mitigate climate change and cut back on other harmful atmospheric emissions, like sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain that comes from coal-burning power plants.

So far, Raitt & Co.'s video has been viewed 68,494 times, vs. 3,326 for NEI's rebuttal; these early returns suggest that NukeFree is winning this video smackdown. Watch both videos after the jump and decide for yourself. via ::NPR "One of the worst things about nuclear power is that we have nowhere to put the waste. It's deadly for 280,000 years."


Nuclear Energy Institute: "We should move beyond the emotional arguments of the past 30 years and into a more recent discussion of energy options based on facts. Generating electricity using nuclear power does produce used nuclear fuel, and we know how to handle and store it safely."

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