Video: Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx


Wandered by Guy Kawasaki's blog the other day. He's the software evangelist who convinced companies to write applications for Apple's Macintosh, even before it was on the market. So he knows a thing or two about getting your point across. Anyhow, he was writing about Majora Carter, the founder of Sustainable South Bronx, an organisation we noted back here. Guy was full of praise for her impassioned presentation at TED2006 earlier this year. This was the event where Al Gore showed his slideshow, that later became the movie, An Inconvenient Truth. TED2006 had the tagline: The future we will create. And sharing the podium with Majora over the time of the talkfest was Cameron Sinclair, cofounder of Architecture for Humanity, Jamais Cascio, cofounder of WorldChanging, and Amy Smith, the award winning eco-engineer. (Amy is also a Fellow of the MacArthur Foundation, as is Majora.) So for Guy to single out her out is pretty significant. Watch the video for yourself, and see if she doesn't qualify for the next round of Honorary TreeHuggers. How could we not embrace someone who beseeches us, "Help me make green the new black, help me make sustainability sexy." Who, on the verge of tears says, "I have come from so far [her brother survived Vietnam only to be gunned down near her home] ... to meet you like this [she had breakfast with Al Gore]. Please, don't waste me." ::Majora Carter at TED2006.PS. If you chose to download the video be aware it is a big file, over 60MB!