Video: Janine Benyus with 12 Sustainable Design Concepts Using Biomimicry

TreeHugger goes on about how design makes a difference, but, as it turns out, we don't know a whole lot when compared to the biological world and "life." Yep, we've got a lot to learn from how the natural world has designed itself, but, thankfully, there are some folks paying attention and learning a lot about how to mimic biology.

One of the leading thinkers/researchers in this field, Janine Benyus, gave a really interesting presentation at TED about the vast potential of biomimicry (something we noticed before). For anyone not lucky enough to have seen the presentation themselves, like TreeHugger Warren, this video is well worth watching. If you're interested in the difference between learning from the natural world and learning about the natural world, this is for you. ::YouTube via ::o2 mailing list

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