Video: Al Gore at TED 2006 [Updated Twice]

TED, short for Technology, Entertainment, Design, is an event like no others. The concept is simple: Bring together 1,000 thought-leaders from a variety of fields (design, science, entertainment, technology, arts, business, etc) for a 4 day conference where they can exchange their ideas. In the past, presentations given at TED were not made public, but that has recently changed and one of those now available is Al Gore's second presentation from TED2006 (the first was his slide presentation on global warming). It was taped in February, before the release of An Inconvenient Truth; the first half of it is basically Gore doing stand up comedy (!), but the second half is more serious and touches global warming and the problems he faced with how to effectively communicate the urgency of the situation. You can watch it here. For more about TED, check out the website. You can see more videos in the TED Talks section.Update: And here's Gore on the Daily Show. Thanks to David Roberts for the link.

Update 2: Rolling Stone has a good interview with Al Gore.