Vanity Fair Green Issue II: Bigger, Better, Longer Lasting

cover_vanityfair_190.jpgIt's Vanity Fair, people. We could wax poetic about RFK Jr.'s two articles (one on the Bush administration's environmental decision-maker appointments, another on falconing) or E.O. Wilson's report on the state of the planet. Really, though, we don't get it for the articles. It's all about the activist porn. Page after page filled with rich renditions of "good fight" fighters, including TreeHugger's own green media super heroine Simran Sethi [See pic after the jump. -Ed.], and our friend Summer Rayne looking luscious in a Deborah Milner gown. Stay tuned for a more complex break-down. In the mean time, pick up a copy (Or look at it at the library! We know it's 2 lbs of paper!) and dog-ear your favorite exhibits of Green's staying power. ::Vanity Fair 2nd Annual Green Issue



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