Vandana Shiva & Why We Need More Trees (exclusive video footage)

We had the pleasure to meet a true treehugger in Barcelona this weekend: Vandana Shiva. She's also a physicist, philosopher, eco-feminist and writer from India, who participates, together with Al Gore, in building a "green barrier" of 100 Million trees in Spain to fight global warming.

Check out our video from the press conference the day before the 1st International Meeting of Friends of the Trees and let yourself get inspired by solutions to climate change and the idea to "live less in our heads". Find out how trees are the new economy and not carbon pollution. Discover why we need more trees to deal with the climate chaos and how "all men should be more womanly". If you want more of this fascinating woman, look at the Foundation +árboles' video interview here. ::press conference video: Vandana Shiva ::Foundation Más Arboles

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