Valley of Saints explores life on a floating ecosystem

film set on Dal Lake in Kashmir
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A fictional story set against real events, Valley of Saints portrays the relationship between ecologist Asifa and her guide Gulzar as they deal with political violence and a military curfew. The film explores the floating world on and surrounding Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Valley of Saints has won a number of film festival prizes, including the 2012 Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at Sundance, which is awarded to films that feature films focusing on science or technology as a theme, or depicting a scientist, engineer or mathematician as a major character.

The film will screen on Friday in New York City as part of the World Science Festival. Information about future screenings can be found on the Valley of Saints Website.

Valley of Saints : Teaser Trailer from People's Television on Vimeo.

Valley of Saints explores life on a floating ecosystem
The award-winning film written and directed by Musa Syeed portrays life on Dal Lake in Kashmir.