Völkl Cut A Clean Line With Greener Skis

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Image: Völkl and background image via cheryl.dudly

Another winner of an ISPO Eco Responsibility Award is Völkl for their Amaruq Eco skis, picking up top honours in the hardware category. German company impressed judges with their ski construction and manufacturing processes.

The Amaruq Eco ski has a wood core, that is wrapped with sidewalls and topsheet of wood, whereas normally these are fibreglass. The layers of wood are bound, not with the common epoxy, but with "a natural, regenerative organic wood resin." Wooden surfaces are protected by a factory application of linseed oil. The ski's base is said be made of a 100% recyclable material, whilst the metal edges employ 60% recycled steel.

voelkl amaruq eco ski

But Völkl's eco innovation doesn't stop with the product. They've developed a transportation system that uses recyclable metal boxes that will result in 30,000 less cardboard packages leaving the factory. A factory that has undergone progressive environmental enhancements, such as the application of heat exchangers that have saved 30,000 m3 in gas combustion and 290 tons of carbon dioxide.

Apparently Völkl had an independent energy consulting service audit their production facilities only to report that "hardly any improvements had to be made." Instead their electronics department manager has undergone special training as an energy consultant, so they can permanent in-house energy advice.

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Image: Völkl

The aforementioned Amaruq Eco ski is following a line cut earlier by Völkl's Cashew, a backcountry freestyle snowboard. This board has a tear-proof hemp/ linen topsheet rather than the usual plastic, and again uses wooden sidewalls.

Plus their snowboard street clothing line is produced in organic cotton.

See Völkl's Green Pages for more on their endeavours.

::Völkl, via ISPO, via SNEWS
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