Valentine's Day 2011: Animal Courtship Rituals, Stuff We Love, Green Gifts, and More

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Single on Valentine's Day? We've got a dung beetle and a peacock who may be able to offer you relationship advice. Is love green? Well, we've got the scoop on that too. Find this, green gifts for your sweetheart, and more in our roundup of Valentine's Day stories on TreeHugger.

Tips on Finding Love From Animals

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Photo: Kathy McGraw / CC

Does a dung beetle find love easier than us? From the humblest worm to the majestic blue whale, creatures large and small have spent hundreds of millions of years conceiving a variety of ways to impress their mates.

So, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, single guys listen up: These savvy animals understand the language of love...and might just have the best advice for those looking for romance.

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Stuff We Love

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Photo: cocoinzeni/Creative Commons

The TreeHugger staff often gets really excited about savvy green things. Sometimes too excited. But what better day to gush our love for green initiatives, products, and lifestyle changes than Valentine's Day?

From high speed rail to aerated water, the perfect LED bulb, USB-powered bike lights, and chic recycled shoes, here are some things we get all sappy in love about.

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Valentine's Day Green Gift Guide

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Photo: clevercupcakes/Creative Commons

You could tell your loved one that Valentine's Day is one of the most commercial holidays of the year -- a day dedicated to consumerism, over-consumption, and senseless spending on over-priced heart-shaped boxes of carbon-footprint-heavy chocolate.

But you could also end up sleeping on the couch.

Strike a balance with the green gifts on these pages for everyone from your husband or wife to your kids or furry best friend. All of them are useful, thoughtful, and -- best of all -- sustainable.

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Is Love Green?

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Photo: idea ablaze/Creative Commons

In the haze of new love, it's hard to look objectively at what your relationship is doing to the rest of your life -- and how it's falling into line with green goals.

But while pairing up has its environmental pluses (like shacking up together) it can get in the way of some of your other Earth-saving maneuvers (say your partner isn't keen on letting it "mellow." So which is it? With Valentine's Day around the corner we decided to look at the greenness of Love.

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Do-it-Yourself Sexy Lingerie

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Photo: Alabama Chanin

Say goodbye to the days of nylon negligees and polyester panties. Alabama Chanin offers a sexy and sustainable alternative for Valentine's Day: a DIY organic cotton corset and bloomer set, entirely made in the USA.

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