Val Kilmer Builds Eco/ Sells Land


Recent news that actor Val Kilmer plans to: "build a house that will be eco-friendly and hopes to include wind power and solar energy" on his New Mexico ranch, should have made this native New Mexican jump for joy. But I couldn't help being disappointed by additional news that Mr. Kilmer has plans to sell off 1,800 acres of his Pecos River Ranch. Fortunately, according to Apartment Therapy, Val has taken care to protect some of the land with a conservation easement held by the Santa Fe Conservation Trust. But, there are 850 acres yet available to legally subdivide into 5-acre lots. Sure wind power and solar energy are fantastic, however- (groan, why can't those damned treehuggers ever be satisfied?) one of the greatest threats to a natural landscape is the introduction of "patchwork" development — whereby naturally contiguous pieces of land are broken up by roads, buildings, agriculture or other human-caused transformations. One can always hope that the new neighbors take a page out of Mr. Kilmer's book and likewise choose to make their new digs a little easier on the Earth.