Vacationers Ignore Tar Balls, Children Play on Oiled Beach (Video)


And now for your daily dose of WTF. A man visiting Destin Beach, Florida, took this incredible video, showing what at first appears to be a typical summer day at the beach: People lounging on towels, folks swimming, children playing in the break. And then he zooms in a little closer onto the sand, and -- well, just watch:

Yes, it's absolutely covered in tar balls. This is crazy. Keep watching, and you'll see a child get oil stuck to her foot, and her mother trying in vain to peel all of it off. Remember, tar balls, while not as toxic as pure crude, is still unsafe, and can cause serious problems if ingested. Bottom line: Children should not be playing on this beach.

As the video's narrator notes, there's no cleanup crew in sight. I don't know what's more dumbfounding -- the scope of this terrible disaster, the lack of response from BP in yet another instance, or the people's apathy towards it in this case. Strange, to say the least.

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