Using the LongPen to Save Carbon (and Stay Out of Jail)


We don't agree with the popular American outlook about climate change and peak oil-" don't worry, technology will save us", but sometimes technologies can make a real difference.  Margaret Atwood didn't invent the LongPen to save carbon; she was tired of endless book tours. However since then that has become an important attribute, as authors like GeorgeMonbiot use it to do book signings while staying home.

 And just imagine how much CO2 was saved by Conrad Black yesterday when he used the LongPen to sign copies of his doorstop "The Invincible Quest: the Life of Richard Milhous Nixon" written while he was awaiting trial in Chicago, instead of flying his jet to Toronto for the signing.


We don't think Conrad was thinking about carbon when he did this, it was more likely the fact that he is not allowed to enter Canada after surrendering his passport to the courts in Chicago and promising to limit his movements to Chicago and his home in Palm Beach.

However whatever the reason, a couple of tons of CO2 were not emitted, and Margaret Atwood found another customer for this innovation. ::CTV.CA

UPDATE: According to the Star, a poster says "By taking LongPen instead of an airplane to this event, Conrad Black will save 1,764 lbs. of CO2 emissions," But I don't think they used the right stat, Conrad doesn't fly public.


and the Star has a good video of it here.

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