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Grab the latest article of US Weekly for an exclusive green scoop with Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Alanis Morisette, Cameron Diaz and Adrien Grenier, among others. Adrien, you might know, is also a host of Alter Eco on Planet Green. The article also includes a roundup of Hollywood's carbon footprint and also offers tips on how to save money and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Robin Williams is quoted as saying, "people are upset about gas, but how much do you pay for water? It used to be free!" US Weekly also includes eco-tips with each of these quotes. Maybe these celebs do know a thing or two about the environment.

Readers can also get involved in the Eco-IQ, matching celebs with their eco-actions. Surprisingly, the article also has a hall-of-shame for celebs that are claiming to believe in green, but who may need to catch up on their green tips. Maybe Adrien can help them.

The most interesting part of the article is a carbon footprint comparison between the Hollywood lifestyle and the average lifestyle. Think your 2,000 square foot home’s carbon footprint at 16 tons of CO2 produced per year is bad? Try that 10,000 square foot crib, which averages 32 tons of CO2 produced per year.

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