US Fish & Wildlife Service Taking Comments on Polar Bear Status


Two weeks ago, we applauded the US Department of the Interior's decision to propose that the polar bear be listed as an endangered species. Everything went as planned, apparently, and now the Fish & Wildlife Service (a division of Interior) has opened the required sixty-day period for public comments on the listing. If you'd like to comment (and we encourage you to do so), Environmental Defense, Environmental Action, and Defenders of Wildlife have all created action pages to make the process of submitting your thoughts quick and easy. You may use their pre-written letters, or compose your own. Either way, make sure to take action soon, as the polar bear's listing isn't important only for its own survival: it also means that the US government is on record as recognizing the threat climate change poses to ecosystem stability.

While you're taking action, remember that you have less than sixty days to enter the Treehugger and Seventh Generation Convenient Truths video contest: the entry period closes on February 28.

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