Canadian Skier Takes Skiing to the City, Catches Bus for his Next Run (Video)

Barcelona's proposed indoor ski hill got me thinking about whether skiing could be considered a green activity at all.

Typical ski hill infrastructure significantly alters the local ecosystem where it is built, not to mention all the fuel needed to haul people up to the base of the slope and to keep the lifts running, the runs groomed, and the lodge heated. Heading to the backwoods is always an option, but not for everyone, and while you can snowshoe, hike, or cross-country ski in, it's more likely that you'd catch a ride on a helicopter or snowmobile.

But, there is another way, which one avid skier proves in this amazing video: Urban Skiing.

I live in Nelson, BC. Here, it's an unwritten requirement of residency that in the winter everyone must ski or snowboard at one of the local mountains. But, for the adventurous staying in bounds gets boring quick.

JP Auclair is one such local skier who, instead of looking for a first descent out in the wilderness, brought his skis into town and rode the streets of Trail, Rossland, and Nelson, BC. Sherpas Cinema filmed him in action and the results are stunning. Watch for yourself.

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

I love the ending when he gets on the bus for his next run. And yes, that is the city bus on its regular route, there is an area in town called Uphill. Check out Sami's review of the film that this excerpt is from. It's called All.I.Can. and is available for purchase at the Sherpas Cinema website.

If you know of anywhere else where you can actually ski in the city, let us know about it.

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Canadian Skier Takes Skiing to the City, Catches Bus for his Next Run (Video)
This could be the greatest skiing video you will ever see -- and it proves there's no need to waste energy on lifts.

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