Urban Grow-Your-Own Event by Fundació Terra & Hort Urbà


Yesterday here in Barcelona it was all about urban planting. A small Plaza in Gràcia was converted into a garden workshop and a huge barbeque with solar cooker, organised by Fundació Terra, Hort Urbà and Lluïsos de Gràcia. It is what the Catalans call a Calçotada where they serve delicious barbequed calçots (large spring onions) with its sauce and yesterday they would do so only if you had brought your cutlery from home. Reducing packaging waste, making sure there’s a bike parking and the fact that all the vegetables and meat was locally and organically grown are examples of how a big event can be totally sustainable by applying the objectives of the Agenda21Bcn, Barcelona’s commitment towards sustainability. After a glass of Somos51, a natural cola that donates 51% of their profits, we got our hands dirty planting some lettuce, peppers and melons into recycled yogurt pots and water bottles to take home to our balcony. If you like a slightly more advanced version of balcony gardening, have a look at the Hort Urbà (Urban Garden), a table that enables you to grow your own vegetables. It’s made from galvanised steel, easy to put up and resistant to humidity. A drainage for rain water and a special drip irrigation system keeps your garden in shape when you’re away. Not only does the Hort Urbà offer you the tools but you can find monthly gardening tips and courses online. This month it’s all about carrots, spinach, rucola and of course the calçot so make sure you get a taste of it. ::Hort Urbà online shop :: 2nd Urban Calçotada
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