Urban Go Green Tour Uses Hip Hop Marketing to Promote Green Jobs

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The Urban Go Green Tour is kicking off in Harlem this month. It's an innovative event that fuses together a sustainable product expo, hip-hop concert and green job fair with an emphasis on urban environmentalism. The event will focus mainly on developing awareness of environmentally related employment opportunities for city-dwellers via training programs and panel discussions—and it'll do it all to a hip-hop beat.Go Green, Get Green
To the beat of "Go Green, Get Green," to get specific, the event's signature song (also its slogan) performed by Urban Go Green host Ihsan.

Urban Go Green will feature a green sales and marketing training program for city denizens interested in acquiring the basic skills desired for use in the soon to be burgeoning market of greener urban jobs. Participants are encouraged to bring their resumes—attendees will be able to apply for some of the jobs on the spot.

Talk Green, Listen Green
The event will also feature a series of panel discussions focusing on urban involvement and impact on environmental issues. The talks will include: The Effects of Climate Change on Urban America; Green Building and Infrastructure Development, and Urban Media's role in Promoting the Emerging Green Economy.

Urban Go Green Origins

Urban Go Green was founded by Duval Osiris James, who was inspired after going to a green collar jobs conference at the UN and finding that he was among the few African Americans in attendance. The event marks the beginning of a campaign to introduce a more diverse range of communities to the green movement. James believes that "If the African-American and Hispanic community does not get in the loop fast on the emerging green economy, we will be left behind yet again, just as in the technology era."

James hopes the hip-hop aesthetic and soundtrack will help make the expo more alluring to younger job-seekers who'd be willing to green their job search.

After the launch in Harlem, the tour will hit other major urban areas in the US, like Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Newark. The events are for anyone; high schoolers to urban scholars will find subjects of interest and prospects.

If you can't make it, check out the Go Green Job Search from Planet Green.

The launch event takes place in Harlem on October 25th. Check out the Urban Go Green website for more details.

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Urban Go Green Tour Uses Hip Hop Marketing to Promote Green Jobs
Image courtesy of Urban Go Green

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