UnTreeHugger: Sgt. Podge the Itinerant Cat


Twelve-year-old Sgt. Podge, a Norwegian Forest Cat, vanishes from his owner's home each night. The next morning, he can be found in exactly the same place: a pavement about one and a half miles (2.4km) away.

His owner, Liz Bullard, takes her son to school before collecting the wandering feline from the pavement between 8 a.m. and 8.15 a.m. (GMT). The good sarge, however, doesn't acknowledge weekends or school vacations—Bullard has to pick him up, in what looks like an SUV, even when her son is fast asleep at home.

Anytime you'd like to discuss your carbon pawprint, Sgt. Podge, give us a ring. ::BBC News

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