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Thanks to the gang over at Daily Candy for this little tip. For just USD$149 each way (starting price), you can ship Fido, Fluffy and all of your four-legged family members around the US on the newly minted Pet Airways. The airline is for pets only and hits many of the major US cities - New York, Chicago, Denver, Baltimore and LA. Seeing as how you can already take your pet on regular air flights, we're not sure why you'd want to strap them in at 30,000 feet all by themselves, unless maybe this is for the separated couple that still has joint custody of their furry children and weekend visitation rights.

If you're not sure that little Snookums will like his flight, Pet Airways also offers plenty of tips and articles about making the flight as easy on your pet as possible. The amenities include an attendant at all times, a free pet carrier, fresh, cool air, and even a potty break no more than 2 hours before the flight. Seeing as many pets are like family members, it is nice to know that they would be treated as such.

Although, knowing how bad airplane flights are for the environment, it's hard to see how the carbon emissions on this one are justified. The planes used are small Beech 1900 turbo-prop planes, but even with carbon offsets, this seems almost as frivolous as some of the other things we've reported recently, like: the 727 turned limo, the humdinga,
and even the electric paper-plane launcher.

For now, they are only accepting dogs and cats onboard, but check back soon for flights accommodating reptiles, bird, pigs and more. Oddly enough, their website looks identical to the Southwest Airlines website and if you need to book a parallel "human" flight, they have a flight tracker for several major airlines on the site as well. You can find out more on the Pet Airways website. :Pet Airways :Daily Candy

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