UnTreehugger: Gas Powered Party Blender

Gas Powered Party Blender Photo

Uhm. Yeah. We're not sure exactly what this is even used for. Maybe if you need to make enough margaritas to feed an entire army, literally, and in under 2.5 seconds, then what you need my friend is this gas-powered-party-blender. The best thing they have to say about it is that it is "the sensible alternative to cutting ice with a chain-saw."

It has a "2-stroke, 43cc gas powered variable speed engine" so you can go from chop to puree to obliterate with just the flick of a switch. Did we mention it's gas-powered? Get one now before gas prices go back up again. Seriously. At $275 USD, don't worry there's free shipping, you'd better sell more than lemonade with this thing if you want to recoup the cost.We've covered the daiquiri whacker gas powered blender before, but it just doesn't have the kick of the gas powered party blender. Kind of feels like you're on a "Real Men of Genius" commercial, doesn't it?

Thanks Tipster Eric!

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