Untamed London is a Map of the Wild Side

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This new map of London isn't your normal one. No streets or tourist sites, just the parks and open spaces where bits of Mother Nature can still be found.

In the middle of one of the world's largest cities there are still ponds, woods, marshes and hilly peaks that show the triumph of nature over urban life.

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Untamed London, a foldable, pocketable map contains details of 82 wild spaces across London. Some are familiar, like Hampstead Heath, and others are a wonderful surprise. You could wander one a day for the rest of the summer...

There are lovely details about each spot. Highgate Wood, in north London, only became a wild and naturalized wood since 1960, despite its ancient status. In Ainslie Wood, owls can be spotted and in Barnsbury Wood there are three kinds of woodpeckers. The chart also comes with three short essays about London's varied ecosystems.

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Photo: herblester

The maps are created by Herb Lester, which is really a design team of two. The philosophy behind them is charmingly eccentric. The guides don't claim to be comprehensive, in this Google age, instead they are intended to take a new look at the interesting aspects of a city or theme. They believe that "it's a fallacy that comprehensive listings are useful, when really they're just confusing - it's so much easier when someone makes a decision for you." Their decision on what would make a good theme for a guide is pretty much down to what they find interesting or intriguing.

Other topics include an East End Guide to London, an Uncle's Guide (lucky children who take that one) and for New Yorkers: Where The Sidewalk Ends: How to find old New York.

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